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Cielo Breez - AC controller with LCD

Cielo Breez is a plug & play smart air conditioner controller. It’s simple to install. You can hang it on the wall or place it on a table in AC / Heat Pump’s line of sight. Breez directly connects to your home Wi-Fi router and controls your air conditioner through IR signals. Cielo Breez is compatible with any type or brand of air conditioner. Cielo Breez has also got on-device local temperature control. It works with the Google Home and Amazon Alexa. It helps you save energy on your air conditioning and provides you lot of convenience.

Cielo Breez Eco - Wi-Fi Air Conditioner Controller

Cielo Breez Eco helps you make your old or new air conditioner smart. You can control your mini split, window or portable AC from anywhere. It is a Wi-Fi based smart AC controller. The device has got a local on-off control button. The smart AC controller is the best priced smart AC controller in the market with full range of smart AC control features. You can save up to 25% on your heating or cooling costs. It also enables you to control your AC via simple voice commands. The smart AC controller can be wall mounted or you can place it on your desk. Powered through a 5V power adapter.

Cielo Breez Plus - AC Controller with Local Controls

Industry first, thermostat-like smart controller for your air conditioners. Compatible to any type of AC with an IR remote control. You can control the connected AC from anywhere via your phone or desktop. The smart AC controller has also got a full range of local controls on the device that enables you to control the air conditioner even without Wi-Fi. The smart AC controller can be powered through a 5V adapter or you can hard wire it through 24V wiring. It helps you reduce electricity bills of your home, hotel or any business premise. Great option for air conditioning control at hotels, vacation rentals, schools, hospitals, warehouses and homes.

Cielo Home - Mobile App for iOS & Android

Cielo Home smart air conditioning App helps you control your AC from anywhere. You need a Cielo smart AC controller device to enjoy the benefits of Cielo Home smart AC app. You can control any type of mini splits, portable ACs and window ACs connected through Cielo smart AC controllers and App. You can save energy and money by setting intelligent schedules, location controls, group controls and much more. Cielo products are compatible with Amazon Alexa and the Google Home.

Cielo World - The Enterprise Web App

The perfect web app for smart air conditioning. With Cielo World you can manage and control all your connected air conditioners from a single dashboard. The smart AC web app is designed and optimized for home owners and businesses who have installed multiple heating or cooling systems comprising of ductless mini splits, window ACs or even portable ACs.

Cielo world helps you achieve your saving goals on your heating and cooling bills. It lets you create zones, set multiple AC schedules, group control of connected ACs.

Monitor actual and set point temperature, humidity levels of your rooms, live AC air filter status of all connected ACs, statistical reports of your heating or cooling and much more.

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