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Cielo World - The Enterprise Web App

Manage & Control your connected ACs from anywhere! Designed & Optimized for businesses to cater for the installed base of their ductless heating or cooling systems. Monitor, control and achieve your targeted energy saving goals. With Cielo World, your heating or cooling bills are destined to go down.

Turning ordinary data into extraordinary business edge!


Unlimited Smart Controls

The Cielo World is loaded with huge array of smart controls including on/off from anywhere, zone on/off, playing with the modes, setting the temperature of your liking, changing the fan speed, adjusting the swing position, knowledge of actual and set point temperature, humidity levels to know your perfect environment and much more.

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Usage Statistics

"Cielo World" provides complete usage audit of your connected ACs / Heat Pumps on Cielo World App. These details keep you aware of your usage patterns and helps you achieve your saving goals.

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Zone Control

The "Cielo World" is loaded with a feature of Zone control, Which allows you to turn on/off the Zone, Set the temperature of your liking, Play with the modes and much more.

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Check a complete timeline of actions performed through app, remote control, Amazon Alexa, the Google Assistant or pre-set schedules. You have the control and complete knowledge of things within a single platform.

The Dashboard

The Cielo World dash board is simple to navigate, yet very powerful to inform. It gives you the device count and their operational status in a blink of an eye. The location and environmental conditions gives you the feel of your surroundings. Criitcal usage info gives you a clear hint at a glance that whether you are achieving your targeted savings goals. Whats more, it is customizable to suit your requirements.

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