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Value of Smart Controls To Ductless Heating and Cooling – Cielo Breez

Stefanie Sedlak
10 May 2018

Cielo Breez smart controller gives you the luxury of controlling your ductless heat pumps and air conditioner from anywhere. The Cielo Breez is generating a huge ripple in the ductless market due to multiple reasons. Following are few of those:


  • Cielo Breez is brand independent that means it works with all ductless brands available in the market.


  • Cielo Breez is compatible with voice controls like Amazon Alexa and Google home, which means customers enjoying these services will have a better chance of adopting Cielo Breez.


  • Its innovative features like zone control air control, dynamic filter status mode, and remote backtrack and usage audit is not presently being offered by any of its competitors.


  • Cielo Breez comes with a comprehensive web application tailored for commercial customers like hotels, vacation rentals, schools and hospitals.


  • Cielo Breez comes with LCD display. The LCD display shows the real-time temperature, humidity, and signal strength. The LCD also act as a digital frame where the user can display a picture of his/her liking. No other smart controller in the market comes with LCD display.


  • The value to end users is in form of comfort, convenience, and savings.


  • The value of B2B distributor is enhanced sales and error reporting which gives great strength to support services.


  • The value of OEM is enhanced sales and real-time feedback for design improvements and adjustment in a distribution system.



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