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Smart Home

26 Aug 2016

A smart home incorporates advanced automation systems to provide the inhabitants with sophisticated information and control over connected appliances from anywhere. Today the smart Home is a “Reality”. The growth of smart home industry is really High – as high as 20%. “Almost All” types of Home appliances are getting Connected, being driven by data and are trying to behave smart. The changes in the smart home industry are fast and today we are witnessing speedy conversion from simple connectivity to smartness & to energy Efficiency.

Already the market is huge with numbers of shipped connected devices reaching to billions by 2020.The prospective customers are technologically equipped to get benefit from the boom of smart home industry. The notable players are establishing themselves with new entrants coming in throngs. Already the companies like NEST, Ecobee, Ninja Blocks, Cielo,Control4, Smart Things, Wemo, Belkin are Making it happen. Partnerships are made. The Google NEST story is told and heard by everybody.

We are heading into a new era, where the users of the Internet will be counted in billions and where humans may become the minority as generators and receivers of traffic. As per a UN report the changes brought about by the Internet will be dwarfed by those prompted by the networking of everyday objects.

The number of everyday objects or things connected to the internet will exceed PCs and smart phone as per the research by MIT technology review. Our World will be a dynamically interconnected World.

Every industry has its focal point or points. Energy efficiency, home comfort and security will be the key area of smart home focus as per ABB Goldman Sachs global investment research.

The enabler of this smart home industry boom are cheap sensors, cheap bandwidth, fast processing, rampant use of smartphone, huge wireless Coverage across the globe, the advent of big Data and huge IP connectivity.

The energy saving capability of smart home is destined to be its most powerful aspect. Smart grids are a reality now and already the savings are great and the forecasts are very promising. Vodafone research report says “Deployment of Smart Grids in US alone is estimated to save between US$50B to US$100B over the next 20 years”.

The power matrix consists of generation, transmission, distribution, consumption and billing. The smart matrix comprises of smart grid, smart meters and smart homes. These all are interconnected yet separated. There is a need to bridge the distance.

New initiatives like green button are trying to bridge the gap. The energy usage patterns are important.

As per…”The Green Button Initiative is an industry-led effort that responds to a White House call-to-action to provide electricity customers with easy access to their energy usage data in a consumer-friendly and computer-friendly format”. Already more than 50 Utility companies are on board. The data of over 60M consumers is linked. Similarly energy Efficiency Programs, Virtual Energy Audits and Fact based conclusions are becoming norm.

The Power Saving Potential of a home is huge. Smart home can be more than useful. 37% of end use electricity in the US is consumed in residences – US Energy Information Administration (EIA). Consumers can reduce energy usage by 10-30% using schedules and temperature settings of smart thermostats – US Environmental Protection Agency. Growth in web-based cloud computing applications will enable low-cost home energy data storage, data display, and data analysis for automated home energy management trend analysis

The smart home opportunities are mouthwatering. The dramatic value rise of improved return on investment from smart grid technology, regulatory or policy support, availability of mature technology solutions, increased consumer adaptability, improved network reliability, higher demand to result in greater adoption of automation systems are proving instrumental for the futuristic smart home.

Beyond-the-meter solutions focused on energy efficiency and demand response.

The challenges of smart home are privacy & security, protocol standardization, interoperability, change resistance, advocacy of users and trained HR.

We all know that the market is huge and need of smart home products is already established in bits and pieces. Big and small players are contributing and innovative solutions are continuously being presented to the consumers. The smart home market need envisaged by Cielo is wholesome where complete home is covered, every connected thing is counted till the watt level, the analytics are always available to the users and all hardware is compliant to the energy regulations enforced by governments.


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