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Smart Control for Any Brand Ductless System: Innovative & Futuristic

Stefanie Sedlak
4 Apr 2018

The smart controls for ducted market has established presence in the market. The smart controls for ductless systems is a neglected market. The product Breez is designed to cover the gap in this neglected market of more than 100-million-unit annual sale. Few other companies are also offering smart controls for ductless systems but Breez distinguishes itself from rivals through superior hardware and extensive use of algorithms in the form of rule engines and proprietary algorithms. Here is the brief:


The innovative algorithms and use of rule based decision making ensures a saving up-to 25%. The innovative and unique offerings of Breez include:


  1. Rule based scheduling functionality which enables the user to set future schedule to enhance their comfort and enjoy the savings.
  2. Geo fencing algorithm to managing heating or cooling based on user’s location.
  3. Dynamic Filter Status: This feature ensured that the user can monitor and be reported upon the status of the air-filter. Timely replacement or cleaning of filter helps efficient running of AC which in turns save energy.
  4. Group Controls. Breez app gives the user to control a group of ductless systems with a single push of button. This feature us designed to save energy especially at business locations.
  5. Error Reporting: Error reporting is very crucial for OEMs and their distributor network. Breez app has inbuilt error detection and reporting rule engine. This is specially designed for B2B clients.




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