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Rtek launches Smart Controllers by Cielo in West Indies

9 Mar 2017
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Cielo WiGle Inc. has joined hands with Rtek. for the launch of its Smart Controllers for Ductless Heat pumps and Air-Conditioners in West Indies. Cielo’s Smart AC/Heat pump Controllers (Breez & Breezi) have already reached hundreds of consumers in most of North and Latin America establishing a solid footprint in the regional smart home market. Cielo’s Smart AC/Heat pump Controllers (Breez & Breezi) have been getting a lot of attention from consumers in North and Latin America as well as the Gulf region because not only they make everyday life smarter but enable customers to cut their cooling / heating costs by an average of 20%.

Smart and connected appliances are gaining greater popularity all across the globe. Company co-founder & CEO Dr. Waseem Amer said “Breez and Breezi are changing the way people use ductless Heat Pumps and Air Cons. We are really excited that we are launching this cutting edge smart home technology in West Indies via Rtek.”

With their fully automatic temperature control, location sensing, intelligent machine learning, weather integration, powerful scheduling and predictive energy saving algorithms, Breez and Breezi help the user save up to 20% on energy costs. The sleek and elegant design of Breez blends into the ambience of user’s home, while offering a pictorial display to enhance the user’s home décor. Breezi – Add-on Smart Controller is number one choice of ductless Air Conditioner & Heat pump Manufacturers all around the world. It immediately and inexpensively turns any appliance into a smart, connected device, presenting an opportunity for Manufacturers to better engage with customers and expand from simply selling products to providing real-time, actionable and revenue-generating insights.

Presently Smart Controllers for Ductless Heat pumps/Air Conditioners (Breezi & Breezi) are being offered in West Indies through Cielo’s website and Rtek Stores. Rtek has previously launched Cielo smart home products in Barbados. Cielo Smart products are ready to meet consumer demands for interoperability and seamlessness that enables simple and complete control of a Smart Home.


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