This privacy statement document explains how Cielo WiGle Inc. (Hereinafter termed as “Cielo”, “Company”, “we”, “our”, or “us”) collects, uses, shares, stores and, protects the data of its product users (hereinafter termed as “customers”, “visitors”, “users”, “you”, or “your”).

This privacy document relates to the operation of Cielo products and services. The Cielo products and services include Cielo Breez (First Generation Smart AC Controller), Cielo Breez Plus (Smart AC Controller with in-built Local Controls), Cielo Breez Eco (Smart AC Controller), Cielo Breezi (Retrofit Smart AC Controller), Cielo Home (Mobile Apps), Cielo World (Enterprise Web App), Cielo Smart Thermostat and other products and services from Cielo (collectively, “products”). This privacy statement also covers the functions performed by Cielo for the effective management of its products.

Following are the detailed terms and conditions of Cielo products and services privacy policy:


Your personal information may be collected, processed, and stored by Cielo or its service providers in the United States and other countries where our products and/or services are used. Cielo collects your information in the form of environmental data through our built-in sensors, product usage data, product registration data, setup information data, saved data, shared data, electricity consumption data, Wi-Fi network data, direct data from connected appliances, and other technical data of the Cielo products, and other forms of data required for the installation and operation of Cielo products.

  • Email Address: When you create an account on Cielo applications, we collect and save your email address. Moving forward, your email address is used for communications with Cielo. In addition to that, Cielo may provide you with the ability to enable individuals to access your account as additional authorized users or to invite other individuals such as friends or family to share access to your content. We will ask you for the email address of any such individuals and automatically send an email invitation on your behalf. However, it is the responsibility of the customers to keep their credentials safe and secure. 
  • Basic Profile Information: Your account on Cielo applications allows you to provide basic profile information like your name, profile photo, or other personal information. Names and profile photos may be shown to others in connection with the services.
  • Mobile Location Data: You may be asked to share location data from your mobile device or additional authorized users. This data may be processed or combined with data from other products to improve the operations.
  • Third-Party Integration: Cielo products and services can be used and integrated with third-party products and services as well, i.e., voice command applications, multimedia applications, or any other form of application, product, etc. Cielo is not accountable for any third-party application, and users should use those applications, products, and/or services at their own discretion.
  • How we use the collected information:We use this information to provide, develop, and improve Cielo products and services. We may also use this information in an aggregated, non-identified form for research purposes and to help us make sales, marketing, and business decisions.


We use the best industry-standard methods to keep this information safe and secure while it is transmitted over your home network and through the Internet to our AWS cloud system. Cielo exercises multiple layers of security to protect the information and data of its users.


We only share data related to our products or services. Cielo does not rent or sell customer listings. We only share data in case of explicit consent of the customer, for external processing like product or service support, as part of the business transaction, and finally, for legal reasons. We may also share non-personal information (for example, averages of customer data) publicly and with our partners for any government schemes or private rebates schemes. Your personal information may be collected, processed, and stored by Cielo for legal requirements.


Cielo’s servers and cloud-based system retain the data of the users in order to enhance product usage experience, communication with the Cielo support team, and for any other related purposes. Cielo may retain the personal information of its customers for audits, legal & business purposes, and to enforce applicable laws.


Cielo products users have the right to opt-out of the data collection process. The user can contact Cielo through email ‘’ to request for the information or deletion of the data. Moreover, the users can uninstall the application from the mobile after having their data deleted to make sure that no source or medium of data collection is in place.

INTERNATIONAL VISITORS: Cielo is a US-based company, having its servers and target market in the same country. The Cielo products available on the Cielo website are meant for sale and use by the residents of the United States. By using the Cielo products, it is the responsibility of the customer to abide by all the applicable rules, regulations, and laws.


Cielo does not knowingly collect or store any personal information from anyone under the age of 13.


As per the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), Cielo consumers have the right to receive information about how information is collected, used, and secured through Cielo products. You can contact to request the access or deletion of your data. Cielo would never sell, share, or disseminate your personal information without your consent, and the said information is only used to improve Cielo products and services, meet business and legal requirements.


Please note that this privacy policy of Cielo may change from time to time. Cielo will provide notice of any changes on the website.


In case of any query or questions relevant to the privacy statement of Cielo products and services, please reach out to us through email at 

Last Updated: August 12, 2020

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