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From Dumb Appliances to Smartness-Internet of Things is here to Stay

Stefanie Sedlak
9 May 2018

The concept of a smart home is not new. Last few decades have seen the automation creeping into homes but the adoption was slow and the price was too high. The advancements in communication technology, a huge spread of internet, rampant availability of smartphones and ever declining prices of hardware have enabled the connected devices to enter the homes at a pace which is unprecedented.


The technology which was considered a luxury is now becoming a necessity and the early adopters are benefiting from convenience, energy savings and unlimited controls from anywhere.   Now the people can remotely control their lights, monitor and manage their home appliances and control their heating/ cooling for unmatched efficiency.


Business Intelligence (BI), research, expects the number of smart home devices shipped will grow from 83 million in 2015 to 193 million in 2020. This includes all types of smart devices ranging from smart lights, smart sockets, smart cameras, smart locks to energy efficient smart cooling/heating controllers.


The convenience and control of smart devices are further augmented by the ability of these devices to save energy which results in actual dollar savings for the users. As per Douglas Johnson, vice president of technology policy, CTA, “The increased use of several types of connected devices and systems can decrease our overall home energy use as more and more consumers are able to access and benefit from this technology.”


Smart grids have also started to benefit from the smart appliances being used in various homes. The grid control of air-conditioning utilizing smart thermostats is already a reality as many utility companies are marketing the smart appliances as an incentive package for their consumers.


The dumb appliances of past are fast becoming a thing of history. The smartness in home appliances is giving unlimited powers to users as well as manufacturers. The possibilities are endless.


The HVAC industry is being bombarded with smart solutions due to their huge energy saving potential. Companies like NEST, Ecobee & Honeywell are leading the way in centralized HVAC system and companies like Cielo, are pioneering the smart controls in ductless heating and cooling systems.


Enter the smart world. Your lights are scheduled as per your preferences. Your heating/cooling is as per your convenience and savings agenda, your home appliances dance to the tunes set by you. Your home is always visible and reachable. Inside the home or away from home does not matter anymore. Monitor and control your complete home from anywhere.


IoT is enabling all this. A smart home is a reality and smart home providers are mushrooming. Now is the decision time for consumers. Not going to smart home is not an option. Going for the best possible provider is the right option.


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