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Cielo Breez - Product Brochure (Two Pager)

Cielo Breez is the Nest of ductless air conditioner market. It will convert your existing or new air conditioners to smart air conditioners. Breez is a feature rich device with powerful supporting eco system. You can control it from anywhere, anytime. It provides you the option to schedule your air conditioners as per your likings.

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Cielo Breez-Product Brochure

Cielo Breez is a plug & play smart air conditioner controller. It’s simple to install. You can hang it on the wall or place it on a table in AC / Heat Pump's line of sight. Breez directly connects to your home Wi-Fi router and controls your air conditioner through IR signals.

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Cielo Home- Mobile App for iOS & Android

“Cielo Home” apps are free to download from App Store or Google Play. These are designed to provide ultimate control for your air conditioners, optimized user experience and achievements of targeted energy saving goals.

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Cielo World- The Enterprise Web App

Manage & Control your connected ACs from anywhere! Designed & Optimized for businesses to cater for the installed base of their ductless heating or cooling systems. Monitor, control and achieve your targeted energy saving goals. With Cielo World, your heating or cooling bills are destined to go down.

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Cielo Breez-Product Brochure: Why Customers are loving it?

Cielo Breez lets you control your air conditioners and heat pumps through smartphone from anywhere in the world. It helps you save up to 25% on your energy bills. Cielo Breez is compatible with Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant. Just refer to Alexa and say; “Alexa, Power On Bedroom” or to the Google Assistant saying; "Hey Google, Power on the Bedroom" and it will be done.

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