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Consumers Welcome Smart Home Products

21 Sep 2016

Take a breath. The smart home, you always wanted has become a reality. The science fiction scenes are in your grasp and you can control your home from anywhere around the globe. Next generation communication technology has enabled the technology companies to bring in novel solutions to the consumers.

The smart home is changing lifestyles and making life easy for its users. Now your air-conditioning is under your control, your lighting goes with your mood or your set preferences, your home appliances are in a true relationship of master-slave. This all is possible and that too from anywhere.

This all was possible through innovative thinking, in-depth planning, high tech development and strong sales channels. Initially no one believed in the actual existence of this market due to reliability, ease of use and privacy issue. Top notch security encryption, lightning fast communication and affordability of hardware has made possible a smart home which is in reach of everybody for maximum benefit.

The advent of smart home technology has brought some exceptionally good smart products which not only give us control and convenience but also save us significant amount of energy. According to Coldwell banker and CNET “the devices save them an average of 30 minutes a day and more than $1,000 per year”.

Cielo, a smart home company offers state of the art smart home products including air-conditioning controls, lighting controls and home appliances control through a single mobile application. Cielo claims a saving of upto 25% on electricity bills through use of its product. Apart from savings, the Cielo products are meant to enhance the lifestyle where comfort, convenience and home décor is given a serious preference.

The smart products from Cielo and other leading smart home companies enables a lifestyle where the dumb appliances become active as per the consumers’ needs and demands.

The numbers of smart home products are expected to grow as technology gets better and cheaper and interest of home owners increasing. All the recent surveys and market indicators are positive. A recent survey by Business Insider “By 2020, more than 24 billion internet-connected devices will be installed globally — that’s more than 4 devices for every human on earth”.

Rapid advances in technology and the increasingly interconnected nature of today’s digital-first world, however, have been changing this perception by making home automation solutions a tangible reality for consumers across the globe.


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