Configuring Google Assistant with Cielo Smart Controllers

Before configuring “Cielo Smart Home” app for Google Assistant, please ensure that your Cielo Smart Controllers for Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps is already connected with “Cielo Home” app.

Step 1: Login to Google Home:

To sign in, enter your login credentials for your Google Home app and press the “Sign In” button.

Step 2: Enable Skill and Link Account

On the home Screen, open the side menu by pressing the “hamburger menu icon” highlighted in image below:

The side menu will slide in. Select “Home Control” option.

A new screen with ‘Devices’ and ‘Room’ tabs will open. Press the ‘+’ button to view list of Google Assistant Apps.

In the next screen, you will see a list of apps in alphabetical order. Search for “Cielo Smart Home” by scrolling down and select the app.

“Cielo Smart Home” login screen for account linking will open up. Enter your “Cielo Home” app credentials and press “Login”. This will link your Cielo Home account to the Google Assistant App.

Note: By signing in to your Cielo Home account for linking you authorize Google to access necessary information in your Cielo Home Account on your behalf. A list of Cielo devices registered in your “Cielo Home” account will appear in the next screen. Press the “Done” button to complete the device linking.

A screen will open up to guide you on controlling the devices in Cielo Home account through simple voice commands using Google Assistant. Press the “Got It” button.

You will now be able to view all the devices on the Home Control page.

You are now all set to start using “Cielo Smart Home” App to control your Cielo smart home devices through simple voice commands using Google Assistant.

Step 3: Google Assistant Voice Commands for Cielo Smart Controllers

The “Cielo Smart Home” app supports various features required to control Cielo Smart Controllers through simple voice commands. It does not require users to remember any invocation command. Following are the main commands:

  1. Turn on / Turn Off, e.g. Hey Google, turn on/off the Bedroom.
  2. Increase/Decrease temperature a little, e.g. Hey Google, turn up/down the Bedroom.
  3. Set thermostat temperature, e.g. Hey Google, set the Bedroom to 72 degrees.
  4. Change thermostat mode to heat/cool, e.g. Hey Google, set the Bedroom to heat mode.
  5. Ask the current set temperature of the specified device, e.g. Hey Google, what is the Bedroom set to?
  6. Ask the current temperature reading or and set temperature, e.g. Hey Google, what is the temperature of Bedroom?
Step 4: Google Assistant Compatible Device Names

Cielo Smart Controllers names should be compatible with Google Assistant. Google Assistant may not understand names with special characters or numbers. It easily understands simple English names for devices. To use Google Assistant with Cielo Smart Controllers, we recommend users to name their devices accordingly, alternatively they can use Google home’s nicknames to allow Google Assistant to recognize devices by their nick names. Following guidelines must be followed for Google Assistant to be able to control your Cielo Smart Controllers:

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