Configuring Amazon Alexa with Cielo Smart Controllers – Custom Skill “Cielo Home”

Step 1: Setting up Cielo Smart Controllers for your Air Conditioners & Heat Pumps

Please note that ‘Cielo Home’ is a custom skill for Cielo Smart Controllers. We also offer “Cielo Smart Home” skill for Alexa which is a smart home skill as any other smart home skill for smart home thermostats. ‘Cielo Home’ custom skill offers additional features e.g. asking Alexa about your air conditioner’s air filter status, usage history and many more.

Step 2: Login to Amazon Alexa:

You can either create a new user account or use the app as an existing user on Amazon Alexa. To create a new user account press “Create a New Amazon Account” button or to sign in, enter your login credentials for your Alexa app and press the “Sign In” button.

Note: “Cielo Home” skill requires you to use “English (United States)” when setting up your Echo/Echo Dot.

Step 3: Enable Skill and Link Account

On the home Screen open the side menu by pressing the “hamburger menu icon” highlighted in image below:

The side menu will slide in. From this menu press the “Skills” option. It will open the “All Skills” screen.

Tap on the search bar and type ‘Cielo Home’ and press search. The “Cielo Home” skill will appear in the search results. Select the “Cielo Home” skill.

This will bring you to the “Cielo Home” Alexa skill. To use this skill press “Enable”.

This will take you to the Alexa World Login page for linking ‘Cielo Home’ account with your Amazon Alexa account. Press the “Login” button.

Enter your “Cielo Home” app account username and password and press “Login”.

You will see a new page displaying the linking status. After successfully linking the account it will display “Your Cielo Home skill is successfully linked”.

On the main page for Cielo Home skill, you’ll see the following screen:

Note: Account linking may fail if Amazon Alexa App is not updated to the latest version. Make sure you are using the latest version of Amazon Alexa App.You will now be able to control your Cielo Smart Controllers for Air Conditioners & Heat Pumps using Alexa voice commands.

Step 4: Alexa Voice Commands for Breez Smart Controller

“Cielo Home” is a custom Alexa skill intended to provided extended control of Cielo Smart Controllers for Air Conditioners & Heat Pumps to users, which is otherwise limited to just smart home capabilities in the smart skill “Cielo Smart Home”. It provides a better user experience by enhancing the smart skill capabilities. Custom skill by Cielo needs to be invoked by its name in order to enable user to start controlling the Cielo Smart Controllers for Air Conditioners & Heat Pumps via voice control. You can start by simply saying “Alexa, start Cielo Home”. Alexa will give a welcome message and wait for your next command. Cielo Home skill currently supports following voice command types to control your Cielo Smart Controllers using Alexa voice control once you have invoked the skill:To listen to all supported commands, simply say “Help”. It will provide you with all the detailed commands that you can use to control your Cielo Smart Controllers.

  1. Ask Alexa to Power On/Off your devices, by saying “Power ‘On/Off’ ‘device name’”.
  2. Ask Alexa to change device mode, by saying “Change ‘device name’ mode to ‘mode name’”.
  3. Ask Alexa to set device temperature to specified degree, by saying “Set ‘device name’ temperature to ‘degree’”.
  4. Ask Alexa to explain any command by saying “Define ‘command name’”. For e.g. “Define temperature”. It will provide above details of commands so that you don’t have to refer a user manual every time you forget commands.

You don’t always need to start a session by saying “Alexa, Open Cielo Home”. For e.g. if you just want to send just one command you can simply say “Alexa, ask Cielo Home to set bedroom temperature to 72”. Alexa will send the command to Cielo Smart Controllers and close the session, otherwise, using the smart skill and custom skill together is a great idea.

Note: A session starts when a blue light keeps running on Amazon Echo/Echo Dot outer ring when you invoke the skill by its name. In this case, you can send multiple voice commands to Alexa. Alexa will wait for 3 seconds for your next command and end session if no command is given. The blue light disappears when session has ended.

Session Start is displayed as Blue light and Session End is displayed as no light.

Step 4: Alexa Compatible Device Names

The names for Cielo Smart Controllers for Air Conditioners & Heat Pumps should be compatible with Alexa. Alexa does not understand names with special characters or numbers. It only understands simple English names for devices. To use Alexa with Cielo Smart Controllers, we recommend to name devices accordingly. Following guidelines must be followed for Alexa to be able to control Cielo Smart Controllers for Air Conditioners & Heat Pumps:

  • Use names with alphabets only and unique names that are unique to hear as well. For e.g. “Bedroom”, “Bed Room”, “bedroom”, “bed ROOM” all are unique in writing but not in hearing. Alexa will hear “bedroom” for all these names. Alexa will only send the command to the device that comes first in the search if there are two devices with similar names.​
  • Alexa will not be able to identify device if there are any spell mistakes, for e.g. “bedroooom”.
  • Alexa will not be able to identify names with special characters or numeric, for e.g. “b3dr00m”, “bedrom.”
  • You can change the name of your Breez device at any time using “Cielo Home” App.

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