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Cielo WiGle Inc, launched its Smart Home Products in Six Countries

30 Jan 2017
smart home products by Cielo

Cielo WiGle Inc. launched its smart home products in six countries – USA, Jordan, Oman, UAE, KSA and Malaysia. The smart home product basket includes ‘Breez’, plug-n-play Smart Controller for Ductless ACs & Heat pumps, ‘Breezi’ the add-on Smart Controller for Ductless ACs & Heat pumps ideal for AC/Heat pump manufacturers and large scale deployment, ‘Econi’, Smart Outlet for Home Appliances and ‘Lumi’, Smart LED Bulb. All the products come with a powerful free Mobile App called ‘Cielo Home’ for both Android and iOS, and an Enterprise web App called ‘Cielo World’ which enables the buyers to efficiently control their ACs, lights and all home appliances from anywhere in the world to maximize their savings and convenience.

Cielo smart home products give consumers a way to tackle and monitor electricity bills with their smart phones. Dr. Waseem Amir, CEO of Cielo WiGle Inc. said,

“Air Conditioners and all the other home appliances are large consumers of energy and they consume a major chunk of electricity bills. Cielo understands this issue and provides smart home solutions to lessen the burden of household consumers delivering significant energy savings and a complete control of the appliances from anywhere.”

Cielo has provided the solution of smart home with a complete range of Smart products which empower the people to efficiently control their appliances from anywhere in the world. Using Cielo Home & Cielo World Apps, consumers can set saving goals, receive timely alerts and take prompt actions from anywhere.

Cielo Smart Products Intelligently adapt to consumer’s living style and bring in smartness for an efficient living. Consumers can save up to 20% on their energy bills by using Cielo’s intelligent machine learning and predictive energy saving algorithms. Presently all the products are being offered in six countries through Cielo’s website, country channel partners and online retail stores. Cielo will be launching its complete product basket in five more countries by the end of first quarter of 2017. Cielo Smart products are ready to meet consumer demands for interoperability and seamlessness that enables simple and complete control of a Smart Home.


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