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Cielo WiGle announces a channel partnership with MTMC in Singapore

26 Jul 2016
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ASEAN market for home automation projected to grow to improve energy performance of room air conditioners and to establish uniform minimum energy performance standards across the Asian countries.

Cielo WiGle and MTMC has joined hands in Singapore to launch Cielo’s smart home products in Singapore. Cielo’s new partner, MODERN TIMES Management & Consulting (MTMC) Pte. a Singapore-based and registered firm founded in 2015, specialized in providing Asia business support for a number of international clients. This goes from a mere local/regional representation to building up the client’s Asian operation base. MTMC is mainly active in the industry practices of IT/Telco/R&D as well as smart building & home.

“Cielo is committed to exceeding the customer’s expectation at each encounter and making all encounters a positive experience. Our goal is to make sure that when you need a home automation devices Cielo is the first company you can think of” said, Waseem Amer, CEO of Cielo WiGle Inc. It’s a great opportunity for us to collaborate with Cielo for a smarter Singapore. “MTMC has strong footing in ASEAN region and we expected to boost Cielo product sales for the benefit of local enthuists of smart living” said, Guenter Zwickl, Managing Director of MTMC.


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