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Cielo showcased in December 2016 Newsletter of Green Button Alliance

29 Apr 2016
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Cielo WiGle Inc.’s strategies for Green Button Initiative have been showcased in the December 2016 Newsletter of Green Button Alliance. In the Member’s News section, the Cielo WiGle’s roadmap in smart home industry and its focused efforts towards personal energy data-access initiatives towards Green Button project has been highlight as,

“Cielo WiGle Inc., based in Redmond, Washington, launched its initial range of plug and play smart home products including smart air conditioner controllers for ductless ACs and smart outlets for home appliances that can be controlled and managed through the Cielo iOS, Android and web-based applications, at the Internet of Things Expo (IOTX) on March 29-31 in Dubai, UAE. Cielo’s innovative mobile applications enable homeowners to access and control their homes through state of the art smart devices developed by Cielo. The company aims to launch its smart light adapter and $Meter application later this year. $Meter intends to augment utility-provided Green Button energy usage and billing data with real-time Cielo smart device consumption information and make it available in the Cielo Cloud. Homeowners will be able to easily access and control each watt of energy consumed by their smart home from anywhere in the world.”

Syed Mir, the chairman of Green Button alliance said, “Companies are actively growing the Green Button ecosystem in North America and Europe; and further international expansion is on the horizon. We look forward to working with the organization during this exciting time”.

“The company is proud to be part of the initiative and look forward to facilitate its customers with state of the art visibility of their energy consumption for a true smart home” said, Waseem Amer, CEO of Cielo WiGle Inc.


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