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Cielo Breez- The Next Generation Smart Controller for Any Brand Ductless Air-conditioners

Stefanie Sedlak
11 May 2018

Cielo Breez is a smart controller for any brand ductless systems for heating or cooling. The product enables its user to control any type of ductless Air-conditioner (with IR remote control) from anywhere through its Android, iPhone or web-based apps. The cloud platform is AWS IoT. The product is also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home.


The Breez ecosystem is feature rich with extensive use of AI in the form of rule engines and proprietary algorithms. Breez is designed to give comfort, convenience, and savings to its users. Cielo Breez saves unto 20% on monthly heating/cooling bills of the connected ductless system.


The Hardware:


The Product has got Wi-Fi transceiver and multiple IR transmitters. It has also got inbuilt Humidity, temperature and light sensors. The product comes with LCD display, which enables users to have a live display of Room’s temperature, humidity, set point temperature and Wi-Fi signal strength. The LCD display also acts as a digital frame to display favorite pictures.


The Feature Set:


  • Complete range of air-conditioning controls on the mobile app like temperature, fan speed, modes etc. (almost all controls available on the remote control of the air-conditioner).
  • Powerful scheduling feature for future actions to save energy and add a lot of conveniences.
  • Geo-fencing for location-based controls so that the customers can automatically set their heating/cooling preferences in relation to their location.
  • Dynamic air filter status monitoring/reporting for enhanced efficiency.
  • The monitoring and reporting include usage history, action audit trail, saving tips, maintenance tips.
  • The live status of temperature, humidity, and Wi-Fi signal strength is always available on both device and associated apps.
  • The product is FOTA (Firmware on the Air) enabled, which means all the future updates in the firmware and software are updated automatically no matter where the device is located.
  • The product has got FCC, CE & RoHS certification.
  • The mobile apps are free to download and has got great user experience.
  • The web application is tailored for B2B clients which much more information and reporting options in comparison to a mobile app.
  • The communication latency is very low and security is ensured by hosting the cloud on Amazon IoT web services.
  • The plug n play Breez works with both new ductless system and already installed ones.


Cielo Breez comes with an adapter, power cable, wall mounts and table stand.


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