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Launch your Smart Air Conditioner brand effortlessly

Breezi is designed for Air Conditioner OEMs to help them launch smart air conditioners in minimal time with no additional R&D costs. We offer a proven & complete solution that has already been adopted by various brands. Cielo Breezi has what it takes to move your brand to the next level.

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Readymade Solution for Air Conditioner OEMs

Cielo Breezi Wi-Fi Controller for Heat Pumps & Air Conditioners is tailor-made for OEMs to enter the world of smart heating and cooling. Manufacturers are welcome to join hands with Cielo to launch their Smart Heat Pumps & Air Conditioners. You will stay ahead in the industry with increased sales. Partnering with Cielo means no time to market, greater customer loyalty, competitive edge and most importantly the upwards surge in sales.

Grow your Distribution Network

Launch your smart air conditioner by joining hands with Cielo. This will help you grow your distribution network through innovative products and value addition will lead to greater sales. Your Smart Air Conditioner model will act as a catalyst for speedy adoption of ductless systems and most importantly will increase your brand loyalty in the market.

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Reliable and Scalable Eco System

Weekly Schedule

Breezi provides weekly scheduling functionality allowing you schedule your ACs / Heat Pumps as per desired settings and time.

Lower Energy Bills

You can save up to 25% on your energy bills by using automated features of Breezi Smart Controller. It pays for its cost as you use it.

Air Filter Status

Clean air filter keeps you healthy and reduces energy costs. Breezi tracks air filter status and reminds you when it needs cleaning.

Zone Control

Single touch control for all your Ductless ACs & Heat Pumps by adding them in a single zone.

Comprehensive Usage Statistics

Cielo Breezi provides complete usage audit of your connected ACs / Heat Pumps on Cielo Home Apps. These details keep you aware of your usage patterns and helps you achieve your saving goals.

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Cielo Breezi & Cielo Home work together to automatically turn on your air conditioner as you arrive back and turn it off as you leave. 'Cielo Home' app uses your phone’s location to automatically pre-defined actions as per your settings. These help you save money on your regular energy bills.

Seamless User Experience

Download our free apps from App Store or Google Play by searching for "Cielo Home". Our simple, intuitive and user friendly apps provide you ultimate control for your air conditioners, optimized user experience and help you achieve your energy saving goals.

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Cielo Breezi works with Amazon Alexa & the Google Assistant

Cielo Breezi works with Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant. Managing your ACs and Heat Pumps is possible with simple voice commands. Just refer to Alexa and say; “Alexa, Power On Bedroom” or to the Google Assistant and say; "Hey Google, Power on the Bedroom" and it will be done

Configure Amazon Alexa - Custom Skill
Configure Amazon Alexa - Smart Skill
Configure the Google Assistant


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