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Breezi is now FCC Certified

27 Jul 2016
16. Breezi meets FCC standards-01

Breezi has now achieved another benchmark. FCC’s quality standards have been met by Breezi (Cielo Smart AC Controller Internal Version) due to tireless efforts of Cielo team. The FCC Declaration of Conformity or FCC mark is a certification mark employed on electronic products manufactured or sold in the United States which certifies that the electromagnetic interference from the device is under limits approved by the Federal Communications Commission.

Cielo WiGle Inc is the future of home automation which is secure, convenient, affordable, maintainable and fun. The state of the art product is truly user friendly.

“It’s the great achievement of our team that our device Breezi meets quality standards set by FCC giving it a competitive edge” said Waseem Amer, CEO of Cielo WiGle Inc.


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