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How it works

Breezi converts the existing infrared remote-controlled Air-Conditioner and Heat Pump smart. Breezi fits inside the Air-Conditioner / Heat Pump and provides complete control features to the user with advanced options of setting schedules and analysis of usage patterns.

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Breezi works with any existing and new AC / Heat Pump

Cielo Home App

The Cielo Home app on your smartphone connects via internet to your Breezi Smart Thermostat.

Smart Controller

Breezi fits inside your Air-Conditioner / Heat Pump and connects to the internet through your home Wi-Fi router..

Easy set up

Check if your Air-Conditioner or Heat Pump remote controller is in our database

We have already stored the remote control command signals for hundreds of manufacturers and are constantly growing our database. Breezi is tailor-made for Air-Conditioning / Heat Pump Manufacturers excited about joining the IoT bandwagon. Breezi ensures zero time to market as it already covers all famous manufacturers brands and associated ecosystem of apps and cloud are up and functional.

Breezi Smart Thermostat

The Add-on Smart Thermostat for Ductless Heat Pumps & Air-Conditioners enables you to control and monitor the usage of your Heat Pump/Air-Conditioner from anywhere in the world.

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Collective Control

Control a group of ACs/Heat Pumps with one touch

Tech Specs for Breezi Smart Thermostat



Matte finished,


Breezi works with all remote control ACs and Heat Pumps


Temperature sensor


Plastic coated,

Remote control requirements

Breezi needs working Wi-Fi connection with internet access.


One year replacement warranty


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