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Breez is Now Compatible with Amazon Alexa

1 Aug 2017
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Smart home, nowadays, is incomplete without having an Alexa at work. Amazon Echo and Echo Dot are certainly the most sophisticated smart home products, that are readily available in the market. Convenience and comfort have reached levels unknown to humans before. With just a voice command you can control appliances of your home, listen to anything you want to; news, songs, books, analysis etc. Order your favorite food, call or text, in short, the possibilities are endless.

The integrations for Amazon Alexa keep coming in, skills for various tasks are being added every day. Amazon lately introduced the capability to control thermostats using Echo and Echo dot devices. With this blessing for the HVAC industry, you can now manage temperature of your home with Alexa voice commands.

Within few months of this addition to the HVAC smart industry, Cielo’s Breez has also launched ‘Cielo Home’ skill to manage functionality of Breez with Alexa. Breez smart controller for air conditioners and heat pumps is now compatible with Amazon Echo and Echo Dot. Managing your Air Conditioner is now possible with simple voice commands. Just refer to Alexa and say; “Alexa, Power On Bedroom” and it will be done.

Managing your Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps with Alexa will reduce the dependence on Smart Phones. Before compatibility with Alexa, Breez was controlled with smartphones using ‘Cielo Home’ app for android as well as iOS. Now, just a voice command will take care of temperatures at home.

To use Alexa for managing ACs and Heat Pumps through Breez, simply configure ‘Cielo Home’ skill and you are ready to use Alexa with Breez. Multiple functions like turning AC/Heat Pump on or off, changing temperature and changing mode can be performed using Alexa while further advancements are underway.


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