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Breez clears the RoHS Certification Benchmark

23 Jan 2017
RoHS Certification

Cielo, a pioneer in smart home automation, proudly announces that its Smart Controller for Air-Conditioners & Heat Pumps (Branded as Breez) has just reached another major milestone: RoHS certification.
The RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances Regulations) certification restricts the use of six hazardous materials in the manufacture of various types of electronic and electrical equipment. The certification for Smart Controller for Air-Conditioners & Heat Pumps Breez means that it do not contain any material harmful to human body or the environment. Meeting this major milestone will enable us to soon begin shipping so that you can experience the magic yourself.
“I feel honored that the untiring efforts of Team Cielo and our commitment towards quality, customer safety and environmental concerns has been rewarded. I believe that consumers need to do their part in saving the environment and in making sure that what they use are not hazardous. The RoHS certification of Breez – Smart Controller for Ductless Heat pumps & ACs will give you the peace of mind that what you are buying, installing and using is safe for you, your loved ones, and even the environment.” said Dr. Waseem Amer, CEO of Cielo WiGle Inc.
Cielo, prides itself in offering the best smart home products to its global customer base. These states of the art products are put through rigorous certification processes (UL, RoHS, CE & FCC) to ensure a product, which you can really trust to operate inside your homes and businesses.
Stay tuned– we will be sharing regular updates on technology, delivery, and much more!


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