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Taking smart air conditioning to the next level –
Set the air conditioning rules to save energy with added convenience!

At Cielo, we are super exited to announce the launch of new feature set for our mobile app, titled as, “My Rules”. The launch of “My Rules” further cements the array of existing feature set of ‘Cielo Home’ App. The existing features include intelligent scheduling, location based control, monitoring of AC live air filter status, […]

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Latest updates in ‘Cielo Home’ mobile App

Last month was like crazy, as the apps, firmware and cloud teams were super busy in finalizing and launching the latest updates for android & iOS. The QA team was loaded and they did a fantastic job in finishing the testing well before the launch. The updated changes are summarized below: Display of room temperature […]

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How much can a smart AC controller save you?

Modern looking smart thermostats and AC plus look cool and pledge to save households money and reduce their energy costs. However, how true is this? Will installing smart AC controls decrease energy bills and save you money? Moreover, at a price that is more expensive than a typical programmable thermostat, is it worth it? Post […]

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Helping you make your conventional air conditioner smart!

The Cielo Breez Smart Controller for ACs & Heat Pumps makes every ductless split Air-Conditioner & Heat Pump smart. Breez lets you control your Air-Conditioners and Heat Pumps through smartphone from anywhere in the world. On top of that, you can save up to 20% on energy bills. Comprehensive usage statistics keep you informed about your consumption patterns. Breez […]

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