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Smart Control for your ACs

Cielo gives you the luxury of taking complete control of your air conditioners including:

  • - Turning them ON or OFF with a click on your phone
  • - Changing temperature, mode, fan speed or swing position settings from anywhere, any time
  • - Keeps you informed about actual and set point temperature values & humidity level in the room.

Weekly Scheduling

Enjoy the power of scheduling your air conditioners the way you like. Wake up fresh with a perfect night sleep at a perfect temperature. Set schedules as per your life style. Come back home and be welcomed by the environment conditions defined by you. Turn your air conditioners off automatically as you leave your home. Cielo provides endless opportunities to save energy, reduce energy bills and help environment. Let's be friends.

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Cielo Breez & Cielo Home work together to automatically turn on your air conditioner as you arrive back and turn it off as you leave. 'Cielo Home' app uses your phone’s location to automatically pre-defined actions as per your settings. These help you save money on your regular energy bills.

Comprehensive Usage Statistics

Cielo Breez provides complete usage audit of your connected ACs / Heat Pumps on Cielo Home Apps. These details keep you aware of your usage patterns and helps you achieve your saving goals.

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Complete Timeline of Actions

Check a complete timeline of actions performed through app, remote control, Amazon Alexa, the Google Assistant or pre-set schedules. You have the control and complete knowledge of things within a single platform.

Air Filter Status

Clean air filter keeps you healthy and reduces energy costs. Breez tracks the usage of air filter and reminds you when it needs cleaning. Cielo Home apps dynamically display the latest status of air filter and help you breath in a healthy environment.

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'Cielo Home' app is free to download from App Store or Google Play


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