August 2016 | Smart Controls for your Home | Cielo

Smart Home

A smart home incorporates advanced automation systems to provide the inhabitants with sophisticated information and control over connected appliances from anywhere. Today the smart Home is a “Reality”. The growth of smart home industry is really High – as high as 20%. “Almost All” types of Home appliances are getting Connected, being driven by data and are trying to behave…

Cielo WiGle announces Product Launch in Pakistan through its subsidiary Your Engineering Solutions (YES) Private Limited

Cielo is excited to announce the launch of its Smart AC controller for Pakistani market through its subsidiary, YES Pvt Ltd. The plug n play Cielo Smart AC controller is available in the local Pak…

Cielo WiGle Inc. (USA) launched its Smart Home Products in KSA through its Channel Partner (AT & S)

Cielo WiGle Inc. launched its state of the art smart home products in KSA for the benefit of Saudi consumers and businesses. The launch ceremony was held in a local hotel of Riyadh, which was…


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